The Founders’ Flight Live Dongguan

Dongguan, under the leadership of Tim and Daniel were committed to making The Founders’ Flight Live Dongguan, something really special. Of course they succeeded. Half a cow of meat (as smoked brisket and as ribs) 6 full racks of pork ribs, chicken, tacos, turducken, and Tim’s legendary Redneck Texas Paella. 48 people had an amazing time.

Here are some of the highlights below. Feel free to add your comments to the bottom of the page, if you were there, or if you recognise anyone.

The Founders Flight Live Dongguan
Beejan managed to capture Tim, doing what only Tim can do and get away with……stealing Tweety Pie’s Sunday Best.

The Founders' Flight Live Dongguan
Thanks to Crystal for snapping this one.
Venus took a series of good snaps of the food.
Yes, this really is paella on a massive scale.
The Founders Flight Live Dongguan
Another snap from Venus, this time of the whisky.
The Founders Flight Live Dongguan
Thanks once more to Crystal for this picture.

The Founders Flight Live Dongguan - tim and friends
Tim with some of the attendees

The Founders Flight Live Dongguan - eduardo
Eduardo looking lost. Eventually someone told him he was at the right place….
The Founders Flight Live Dongguan

Some of the group that attended.

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