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9PAAM – Verdelho Madeira Cask


An opportunity for you to be the proud owner of a Madeira cask filled with Nine Rivers Distillery whisky, which will age in our cask maturation warehouse in Longyan, Fujian Province.  Scroll down to read more and reserve your cask.



If a Madeira Cask is what you're looking for then you've come to the right place.  If you were looking for another type of cask, then please CLICK HERE and choose one of the other cask types.

Madeira Cask

Let start with explaining what you're signing up for here.  It's a brand new, never been used before  Madeira Cask.  The cask is hand made from European Oak, toasted, not-charred,  and then used to mature Verdelho Madeira wine for a minimum of 5 years.  It's then shipped to us in China to be filled with our new make whisky.


The toasting process is necessary for all casks, including a Madeira Cask.  Essentially it means that the cask is heated gently and this is done by placing the barrel over a relatively light flame to seal the wood. This has to be done to every barrel as it stops the natural saps interfering with the liquid stored in the cask. In the case of wine, beer and cider, this is usually as much that needs to be done.

Previous Use

Your Madeira Cask will have been previously used to mature Madeira wine for at least 5 years.  There are Madeira wines casks that have been used for considerably longer than 5 years, but we believe that those really old casks are lacking massively in the oaky characteristics that we want to carry through into our whisky.

Why Verdehlo Madeira?  What about Malvasia?

In a similar view that we have on sherry cask matured whisky, with Malvasia being the equivalent of an Olorosso or Pedro Ximanex (PX), Malvasia casks do create pretty good whisky.  But they also create a massive smother over the base new make spirit both in terms of colouring and excessive sweetness.  Essentially, two things that can make an average or a below average whisky seem to be better than it actually is.

As we all know a lot of people will assume a darker whisky is better than a lighter one (a big tick there from both Olorosso and PX casks) and heavy, thick, sweet aromas and flavours will appeal to the vast majority of drinkers who perhaps don't quite have the experience to pick out the taints and imperfections when smothered with dried fruits, raisins and christmasy things.

Verdehlo Madeira is drier and has a lot of smokey notes to it.  Subtle, delicate and refined it will contribute some pleasant characteristics to a whisky, without fundamentally changing the whisky into something that, well, isn't really a whisky anymore.

If you're looking for a a syrup-sweet whisky, then this is not the cask for you.  This is the cask for a whisky connoisseur that wants to experience something different and sophisticated.  A whisky that is enhanced, subtly, and not simply changed into something else to make it more palatable.

The Full 9PAAM Experience

  • We’re delivering a complete whisky lover’s experience as a VIP Platinum Whatever all-in inclusive price of absolutely everything. For those following along at home, that means supplying your Madeira cask, filling your cask, storing your cask, then maturing and monitoring your whisky while it ages for up to 5 years. This also includes the cost of bottling, closures, labels and shipping to anywhere in mainland China.
  • You and up to 3 guests to come to Nine Rivers Distillery and spend half a day with one of our team who will give you a personal tour of the distillery, allowing you to get up close and personal with all aspects of production.  From taking in grain, milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling, you’ll have the access that will only be available to the very highest level of VIP guests. Maybe you’ll even meet that moggy.
  • Taste some sample expressions so you and your guests can understand the variations in finished whisky that can be created by adjusting mash bills and your choice of cask.
  • We fill TWO Madeira casks of your choice. At the end of the maturation of your whisky, you can choose your favourite of the two casks that have matured – or, if you want both, then just pay the same amount again and have two casks of whisky.
  • Every year, after each anniversary of the cask being filled, the cask owner is welcome to visit again to sample their cask.  Samples can also be sent out by post for those that are unable to visit.  The cask will also be measured for volume and ABV (“regauged” as it’s called in the industry) and certified for the cask owner.
  • Come back on bottling day and be involved in everything from disgourging, filling your bottles, putting in the stoppers, adding the capsules and sticking on the labels.  Or we do it for you if you can't attend.  Either way, shipping the bottles to anywhere in Mainland China is included in your cost.
  • You own the cask.  You can take it home with you.  You can have it shipped (at your cost) anywhere.  Or you can donate it to local crafters who will make it into nik naks.

Reservation Deposit Only

Please note, that your purchase here is for the reservation deposit only.  You are paying 5% as a downpayment to reserve your cask.  The total cost for this is ¥80’000, therefore the 5% deposit payable now is ¥4000.

Cost Per Bottle

Assuming a 3 year maturation process, 5% annual loss to the angels share and an original casking strength of 63% ABV resulting in 240 bottles, then this is the equivalent of ¥333 per bottle.  Assuming a 5 year maturation process, 5% annual loss to the angels share and an original casking strength of 63% ABV resulting in 220 bottles, then this is the equivalent of ¥363 per bottle.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

If you want your very own Madeira cask then scroll back up and click on ADD TO CART.  You can then check out and pay.

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