All We Want for Christmas Is Our Building Permit

For just over 200 people both in China and across the world, there was only one thing that we all wanted for Christmas – our building permit. As everyone knows, at this time of the year, if you really really really want something, it’s time to get a pen, some paper, and write a letter to Father Christmas. So that’s what we did.

Our letter to Father Christmas asking for our building permit,

Whether it was the articulate wording, the threats of elves being tortured, or the fear of Rudolf being robbed of his carrots, we’re never be entirely sure. But Father Christmas delivered!

The Building Permit

In Chinese it’s actually called “建筑工程施工许可证” but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just call it a Building Permit. Some countries might call it a construction permit, but it essentially all means the same thing. It’s that final piece of paper that gives the authorisation to begin construction.

Here it is in all it’s glory. Issued today, Thursday 15th December 2022.

Our Building Permit - the cover page
The cover page of the Building Permit
Our Building Permit - the second page
Page 2 – The juicy stuff.

Last Minute Feng Shui

We weren’t actually expecting the building permit until 25th December, the normal day for Father Christmas to deliver the Christmas wishes of all the boys and girls that have been well behaved all year long. It was a bit of a last minute rush early this morning to get all our Feng Shui sorted out.

The 9RD team went for a “dig a hole in each of the 4 corners of the site, and one in the middle” kinda thing. Our construction partner (Rong Tian) went for the old “fish, chicken, lump of pork, incense sticks, joss paper burning, and lots of loud fireworks”. The plans for the sacrificial “Zou lamb” were temporarily postponed….(we still need him for other things over the next year or so).

A Few Snaps

The fish, chicken, lump of pork and something in an XO bottle that we weren’t quite sure about.

Joss paper, burned for good luck in case Father Christmas is busy
The old Dong Bei (north east) dig.
The sacrificial Zou Lamb – diggin’
A new found talent.
Our building permit - Zou Lamb Digging

Our Thanks

First, a big thanks to our Board of Directors. It’s their experience and leadership that has brought us all so far.

Thanks to everyone that has invested in our project. It’s your money that has helped fund our project. It has required a lot of patience from all of you and we really appreciate your dedication.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support our project. There are literally hundreds of you helping to share our story on social media with your friends and your networks.

Finally, thank you to Hayden, Winnie, Joe and especially to Maggie. For those that don’t know, it was the last minute efforts of Maggie, working late on Wednesday 14th, that helped us to finally secure our building permit today.

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