An unconventional startup whisky distillery in the world’s largest consumer market.

Introduction So let’s put our cards on the table right at the beginning. This is intended to grab the attention of whisky lovers all over the world and hopefully encourage them to be a part of our project. It’s a fairly chunky read but our opinion is, if you don’t have the interest to stick […]

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Star Wars Nerds and Whisky – Kevin Skraban

So how does a 54 year old Star Wars nerd from Seattle, Washington, USA that has never stepped foot in China, and prefers a Long Island Iced Tea to whisky, get involved in a project to build a single malt whisky distillery on the other side of the world? I’m Kevin Skraban and here’s my […]

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Bricking It

Not long to go before we have our biggest event yet, Bricking It, – when everyone that bought their brick for The Plenum Wall, gets a chance to come along to our site and cement their brick into the wall. For those of you that might need to refresh your memory, here’s a link to […]

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Construction Progress

We’re almost half way through the year so it seems a good time for us to give an update on our construction progress so far and some of our favourite milestones alone the way. The Land Parcel Let’s start with our land. What did we actually buy and what did it look like before we […]

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From Snaps to Whisky – Jan Lægaard Broni

I’m actually writing this on Sunday 14th May, the day after the Nine Rivers Distillery Open Day where some of us made a pilgrimage to the new home of whisky in China.. I was one of the attendees (I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!) and after what can only be described as an […]

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