Island Hopping – From the UK to Xiamen and Nine Rivers Distillery

Short straws drawn, so now it’s my turn to pile in with some words about me, my life in China and how I’m part of the connection between Xiamen and Nine Rivers Distillery.  So let’s start with the basics: my name is Marc Alexander, I’m 33 years old and I’ve been in China for a […]

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The 9RD Plenum – NOT Just Another Brick In The Wall

It’s Chinese New Year, traditionally a time of giving (lots of money) and receiving (considerably less money). Here at Nine Rivers Distillery, we also want to receive something from you – your valuable opinion.  What are we giving in exchange? The chance to be part of the design of a really exciting project – the […]

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Rong Tian and Nine Rivers Distillery

There are many companies that are involved in helping us to bring Nine Rivers Distillery to reality – today we start to bring these companies into the spotlight, starting with Fujian Rong Tian Construction Company – our construction partner. Rong Tian Fujian Rong Tian Construction Company are the company that recently won the tender to […]

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Stuart MacPherson Joins Nine Rivers Distillery

[Longyan, China, 30 December 2022] Nine Rivers Distillery today announced that Stuart MacPherson, former Macallan Master of Wood, has been appointed as an advisor to the board of directors. MacPherson brings over 43 years of experience in oak barrels and spirit maturation, taking on the new role as Master of Wood, leading the Nine Rivers […]

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A Brick for Life – Not Just for Christmas

It’s that time of year when we all have to smash those piggy banks, count out all the shineys and then spend it all buying (mostly) overpriced junk that won’t last out the month. But let’s be real, these kinds of trinkets won’t be a long standing momento communicating your warmth, love and caring all […]

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