Not In a Million Years Part 2

Continuing on from our series of articles about the “feedback” we frequently get from the non-believers, this week we provide a brief overlook regarding our approach to mashing and fermenting and how this will be different from other types of whisky. No One Will Buy Chinese Whisky – It’s Not Going to Taste the Same […]

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With so many of the Nine Rivers Distillery team introducing themselves to the world, and occasionally even explaining why they became a part of this project, I decided to take an alternative approach. I’m using my 5 minutes of fame to do a bit of myth busting, clear up some misunderstandings and then that will […]

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Not In A Million Years….

“Not in a million years” is a commonly used hyperbole to emphasise that something is either impossible or very unlikely to happen. It’s a phrase that has been said to us (no exaggeration here at all) thousands of times over the last few years. Like many things at Nine Rivers, we love taking these things […]

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Washington to Dongguan – Mitchie Perrine

Today we have the pleasure of introducing another member of our growing family at Nine Rivers Distillery, Mitchie Perrine. Here’s the transcript of the interview by our resident scribbler, Phill Stout. mitchie perrine Give us your 60 second introduction then Mitchie: I guess I don’t need to repeat my name, so I’ll dive in. I’m […]

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The Founders’ Flight

As mentioned in our last social media update, we are excited to host an event of legendary proportions across China, giving whisky lovers the chance to enjoy an experience of a lifetime. And no, this isn’t us being melodramatic! The Founders’ Flight is a 6 whisky flight of all six expressions of The Founders’ Casks […]

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